Will There Be Another Mirror’s Edge Game?

There is a new game in the series. The cancellation of Mirror’s Edge 2 was due to the fact that early prototypes were disappointing.

Did Mirror’s Edge catalyst sell well?

The sequel to the game, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, sold over 2.5 million copies worldwide, making it the second highest selling game of all time.

Is Mirror’s Edge catalyst a sequel?

DICE product manager Sara Jansson stated that the game is not a sequel but will explore more of Faith’s past and expand on the original game’s first-person perspective.

What does Faith’s tattoo mean Mirror’s Edge?

There is a possibility of Irish heritage on her father’s side. Faith got a tattoo around her eye to remember her first official run. After the events of Silvine Security Systems and her mother, she had her arm tattooed with a circuitry symbol.

Will there ever be Mirrors Edge 3?

There’s a question about the release date of Mirror’s Edge 3. There is no release date for Mirror’s Edge 3. There is a chance that Mirror’s Edge 3 could be released on PS5 and other consoles in the future. The Mirror’s Edge intellectual property did not seem to have been discontinued.

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Why is Mirror’s Edge catalyst a reboot?

The new title, Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, is a remake of a 2008 cult classic called Mirror’s Edge. Like the previous game, it is a parkour inspired first-person runner set in a futuristic city called Glass.

What year is Mirror’s Edge set in?

There is a chance that Mirror’s Edge could be in the 2020 to 2025 time frame. Based on the design of the technology and art style of the game, it seems that Catalyst is far off into the future.

What happened to Celeste in Mirror’s Edge?

The in-game files show that she was dead when she was left to die. The disappearance of her from the game’s story is explained by this.

What happened to Faith’s sister?

Yes, that is correct. The original game isn’t compatible with Catalyst. Faith does not have a sister. If you read Mirror’s Edge Exordium, you will learn that her family died in the November Riots and her sister has a different name.

What city is mirror edge based on?

The setting of Mirror’s Edge: Exordium and Mirror’s Edge Catalyst are located in the City of Glass. The epitome of Conglomerate greatness is glass, and it’s antithesis is the featureless Omni Stat architecture.

Should I play Mirror’s Edge before Catalyst?

Mirror’s Edge is a good choice if you plan to pick up Catalyst. It will give you an appreciation for the new updates, as well as give you an introduction to the mechanics of the game.

How long does it take to beat Mirror’s Edge?

Mirror’s Edge takes about 6 hours to complete. If you want to see all of the game, you are likely to spend around 112 hours to get 100% completion.

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How many copies did Mirror’s Edge sell?

More than half a million copies of Mirror’s Edge have been sold in North America, according to a court document.

Is mirrors edge catalyst open world?

A vision runner is in motion. There was a Foster and Partners number in Chertsey where the building is now located. There were a number of intriguing features.

What’s the difference between Mirror’s Edge and Mirror’s Edge catalyst?

The new game is called Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and it is a remake of a 2008 cult classic. Like the previous game, it is a parkour inspired first-person runner set in a futuristic city called Glass.

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