Which Mirror Forms Virtual And Erect Image?

When the object is between the focus and pole of the mirror, a cave mirror forms.

Which mirror produces virtual and erect image?

The mirror forms a virtual image. The object’s size is larger than the image’s.

Which of the following forms a virtual and erect image for all positions of the object * concave lens concave mirror convex mirror both A and C?

There are mirror and lens differences in nature. The reflected rays don’t meet each other and they are made to do so. In other words, the image that is formed is a virtual one. There is a correct answer called “Option D”.

For what position of the object will a concave mirror forms a virtual and erect image?

When the object is between the focus and pole of the mirror, a cave mirror forms.

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How can we form virtual and erect image?

A virtual, erect and magnified image can be created when an object is placed between F and 2F.

Which of the following mirror can form virtual and erect image * concave mirror convex mirror plane mirror all of the above?

A plane mirror is always the same size at all the locations of the object it is placed in.

Which of the following always forms a virtual and erect?

No matter where the object is placed, the plane mirror, the convex mirror and the concave lens will form an erect image.

Why the image formed by plane mirror is virtual and erect?

Light rays don’t come from the image, but from the shape and size of the object it is reflecting. A virtual image is a copy of an object that appears to have light rays coming in.

Does concave mirror virtual image?

A cave mirror can be upright or inverted, behind or in front of the mirror, or the same size as an object.

Is erect image is always virtual?

The virtual image is always on top of something. A real image is formed when light rays from an object meet each other after being reflected.

Are all erect images virtual?

A real image can be upright or inverted. Real images can be larger or smaller than the object. There are plane mirrors that can form real images. Real images can’t be seen in a mirror because they aren’t virtual.

What is the image formed by a concave mirror?

Both real and virtual images can be found in cave mirrors. When the mirror is placed very close to the object, a virtual and magnified image can be obtained and if we increase the distance between the mirror and the object, the size of the image reduces and real images are formed.

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What is erect mirror?

The last update was on April 27th, 2020. The word is used to mean upright or straight. If the image is upright, not inverted, then it is an erect image. The image is always erect when it is formed by a plane mirror.

Was the image erect or upside down?

The image focused on the retina with the aid of an optical system is said to be inverted, in contrast to erect, when the orientation of the image is upside down.

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