Which Mirror Enlarges The Image?

There is a mirror that can give a large image.

Which mirror gets real and enlarged image?

A real, magnified and inverted image can be created when an object is placed between its focus and center.

Can concave mirrors produce enlarged image?

The cave mirrors can be upright or inverted, behind or in front of the mirror, or the same size as an object. There are two things.

Does convex mirror magnify?

The image will always be smaller than the object if it is placed somewhere else. The magnified image of an object won’t be produced by the mirrors.

Can real image be enlarged?

The answer to the question is that a real and enlarged image can be obtained if you use option c. The Concave mirrors can give out virtual and real images at the same time, in case it is a virtual image or it is a real one.

Can we obtain enlarge and erect image by convex mirror?

A mirror can be used to get an enlarged image. A virtual image is formed by a lens that is conjugate. It is possible to get a real, enlarged and inverted image with a mirror.

What is convex mirror?

A curved mirror is a mirror that bulges towards the light source. The mirror’s surface can be either bulging outward or bulging in. A mirror doesn’t focus light because it reflects the light out.

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Do concave or convex mirrors magnify?

The image could only be produced by a mirror that is not straight. When an object is in front of a mirror, the upright images are magnified. Plane mirrors produce upright images similar to the object.

Does concave mirror magnify?

The magnification will be greater if the object is less than the focal length. The magnification is less than one if the object is larger than the focal length.

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