Which High Heels Have Red Bottoms?

The red-bottomed shoes of Christian Louboutin are an icon.

What brand of high heels have red soles?

The red sole on the bottom of Christian Louboutin’s shoes has become synonymous with the brand’s identity since it was introduced as a part of their footwear lineup.

What does red on the bottom of heels mean?

“These expensive, these is red bottoms” is a term used to refer to the red-soled shoes of French fashion designer Christian Louboutin. Women’s high-end fashion uses red bottoms as a sign of class.

How can you tell if red bottoms are fake?

The Christian Louboutin logo, European size, style and colour can be seen on the label of an authentic product. It’s a good idea to check the spelling and spacing of the letters to make sure it’s legit. This is a great way to make a fake product look real.

Does the red sole come off Louboutins?

The brand states on its website that red lacquer on the soles will wear off with the use of the shoes, and that customers should consult with a leather care professional for specific advice.

Can other shoes have red bottoms?

Because the red soles are not just a cool, decorative element, no other company can use them as legitimate soles. They are used as a sign by the company. If you see a shoe with a red sole, chances are you’ll think of the French designer.

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