When Will Just Jeans Open?

What age group is Just Jeans?

Teenagers and people over the age of 45 are attracted to the stores of Just Jeans. There will be some cannibalization as the Jay Jays chain grows. The two brands appeal to a lot of different shoppers.

Is Just Jeans an Australian company?

We’re the place to go for denim in Australia. At Just Jeans, we pride ourselves on our knowledge of jeans. Our wardrobe is timeless and reflects who we are in our jeans. We want our customers to leave our stores feeling great.

Where are Just Jeans clothes made?

Just Jeans is an Australian clothing company founded in 1970 that offers denim-based casual styles that are very similar to those offered by Jeanswest. They have been criticized for sweatshop conditions in their factories and manufacturing offshores in China, Bangladesh, India and other countries.

What are the 7 companies in the Just Group?

There are 7 brands today; Just Jeans, Peter Alexander, Portmans, Dotti, and Smiggle.

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Where is the just group based?

We have regional offices in London, Singapore, and Auckland. The Distribution Centres are in New Zealand. We like to have fun with great results.

How ethical is just Jean?

The overall rating was not good at all. We did not think that Just Jeans was good enough. Despite its knowledge and experience in denim, the brand’s lack of transparency on environmental policies, animal-productssourced and poor labour practices makes it not a great option for ethical fashionistas.

Is Jay Jays ethical?

The Just Group has a controlling interest in JayJays. It has an environment rating of’very poor’. It doesn’t publish enough information about its environmental policies to get a better rating. There are no policies or safeguards in place to protect suppliers and workers from the effects of COVID-19.

Are sports girls ethical?

Sportsgirl is not good enough according to information from the Ethical Fashion Report and our own research. Sportsgirl has made progress in treating workers and animals, but its lack of information about the impact on the environment drags it down.

Is Portmans Australian owned?

Many of Portmans products are produced in Australia. Ragtrader Magazine named it the Retail Chain of the Year. Portmans has a website where you can find more.

Is Jacqui E ethical?

Information from the Ethical Fashion Report and our own research led to a rating of Not Good Enough for Jacqui E.

What is Jacqui?

English origin means Supplanter in the name of the girl named Jacqui. There is a diminutive form of this person.

Is Peter Alexander a luxury brand?

Peter Alexander Sleepwear is an affordable brand. Peter Alexander’s sleepwear, loungewear, daywear, homewear, footwear and giftware can be purchased directly from retail stores, internet or catalogue.

Where is Jay Jays clothing made?

The JayJays is an Australian clothing retail chain that caters to teenagers and young adults. They don’t give information on their policies or practices. They mostly make their clothes in Bangladesh.

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Is Peter Alexander part of The Just Group?

Smiggle, Peter Alexander, Just Jeans, Jay Jays, Portmans, Jacqui E and Dotti are some of the brands owned by the Just Group.

What does The Just Group stand for?

Speed, integrity, energy, and results are important to us. We have a ‘can do’ culture in which employees are encouraged to do their best.

Are Sussan stores closing?

The temporary closing of locations has been announced by the operators of Sportsgirl. Daniel Agostinelli said that the business made a decision based on the health of its staff.

Is Smiggle American?

Smiggle is the originator of all things colorful, fun, and unique. The brand opened its first store in Australia in 2003 and went on to open 20 stores around the country.

What does Smiggle stand for?

Meurs began designing, developing and producing the first lines of Smiggle stationery while Kate was tasked to look for suitable retail sites. Their aims for the products were reflected in the name of the product, ‘Smiggle’.

How ethical is Mavi?

In 2020, Mavi will launch a sustainable 100% vegan collection with no animal materials used in production, as well as shift their offices to a plastic-free environment.

Is Peter Alexander ethical?

Our own research shows that Peter Alexander is not good enough.

Is Smiggle part of The Just Group?

Smiggle had 20 retail stores when it was acquired by The Just Group. With stores in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia, “Smiggle” is a global brand.

What do Premier Investments do?

The specialty retail fashion markets in Australia, New Zealand, Asia and Europe are all serviced by the company. There are investments in listed securities and money market deposits.

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What group is Smiggle apart of?

There are stores in New Zealand, the UK, Ireland and Malaysia. One of the most successful Australian grown Retail Groups is the Just Group, which has 7 brands.

Is NEUW denim made in Australia?

Neuw is a brand that cares about the environment. Australian cotton is one of the most water-use efficient cotton in the world and is used in Neuw’s denim.

Is with Jean sustainable?

We wouldn’t be with Jéan if it weren’t for the people that touch our product throughout the process. Each piece is packaged in plastic. At With Jéan, we are focused on sustainable living and continue to work on it.

What age group is Jay Jays for?

Jay Jay is known for his fast fashion and low prices. Targeting 16 to 18 year old girls and guys, this youth brand has an extensive product range.

Is Target fast fashion?

More sustainable clothing options are being brought to Target stores. Target is doing a better job of fast fashion than most companies of their size, and changes won’t happen overnight.

What fashion is fast?

Fast fashion refers to clothing designs that move quickly from the runway to stores to take advantage of trends. Fast fashion is low priced but stylish clothing that moves quickly from design to retail stores to meet trends.

Where are sports girl clothes made?

Sportsgirl has a focus on the latest trends as well as vintage and capsule collections. China and Vietnam are the countries where their clothing is made.

Does sportsgirl test on animals?

Our finished goods are not tested on animals and any animal product used in our products issourced from other industries.

Does ghanda use sweatshops?

The majority of the final stage of production is done in Australia. There is no evidence that it has a Code of Conduct, but it does have a statement about workers rights.

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