What Suit Does Paris Referring To?

“Now, my lord, what do you think about my suit?” Paris asked Capulet. His “suit” is an important request for marriage.

What does Paris mean when he says suit?

Capulet asked his daughter’s hand in marriage and the suit was the response to that. What is the “suit” that Paris is talking about? What is he talking about? Juliet is too young for marriage according to him. She should wait two more summers to get married.

What does but now my lord what say you to my suit mean?

Paris asked, “But now, my lord, what should I do with my suit?” 6 is the number. One of the most important requests is a “suit”. Paris wants Juliet to marry him. This is the second time that Paris has made this request, and the way in which she says it makes it clear.

What does D mean Paris?

The capital of France and the center of culture and commerce in the world.

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What say you to my suit?

What do you think about my suit? “Hey, can I marry your thirteen-year-old daughter, Juliet?” is one of the things Paris is thinking about. What I have said before is what I will say again. My child is not used to being in a new place.

What does Paris symbolize in Romeo and Juliet?

Juliet’s suitor, Paris, is seen as a flower in faith, while the object of Juliet’s affection is considered a “rose” — a flower that symbolizes beauty and love.

Who said let two more summers wither?

According to Lord Capulet, Paris should wait until Juliet is mature. He suggests to the audience that he is a caring father. He’s worried about her welfare if she were to become a mother early.

What does smelling out a suit mean?

When Queen Mab gallops across the courtier’s nose, he dreams of smelling a suit and finding a person who wants to go to court.

What does Romeo’s costume mean?

He is dressed as a knight in order to show that he is willing to risk his life in order to save Juliet. Tybalt and his followers are dressed as skeletons and devils in order to symbolize their evil nature.

Who says but woo her gentle Paris?

Lord Scalia told Paris to get her heart. The list of names Lord Capulet wanted to invite for a feast was read by one of his servants. The servant helped him and invited him to join.

What does more welcome makes your number more mean?

I love the store of those that I am in. The line ‘One more, most welcome, makes my number more’ refers to Paris responding positively to Capulet’s invitation, not being hastily added to the guest list.

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Do you bite your thumb at us sir?

Is it possible that you bite your thumb at us? Is the law of our side when I say aye? Gregory is against it. I bite my thumb, but I don’t bite your thumb.

What does the word Eiffel Tower mean?

The Champ de Mars is the location of the Eiffel Tower. Gustave Eiffel worked for the company that designed and built the tower.

What is the city of Paris?

Paris is the largest city in France. The centre of the le-de-France region is located in the north of the country and is called the “Paris Region”. The total area of the City of Paris is 105 km2, with a population of over 2 million.

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