What Suit Does Harvey Specter Wear?

The Tom Ford Windsor Peak Lapel suit is the signature look for Specter, but he doesn’t wear it all the time. He has a large collection of luxury brands in his possession, including Gucci, Canali, and Brioni.

How much is Harvey specters suit?

The Tom Ford Three Piece suit costs $5,000 per suit and $50,000 per year. Tom Ford makes the suits that Specter wears on the show. He spends $50,000 on suits a year because he alternates between 10 different suits.

What kind of suit does Mike Ross wear?

He wears a lot of Zegna in the later seasons. He’s eclectic about his choice of fabrics and colors, sometimes choosing a shadow plaid or something even riskier, and the suits are tailored slim but not snug.

Why is Harvey Specter so attractive?

He is the smartest guy in the room and he has a smooth smile. A man with an eye for detail is surrounded by sports equipment. The suits he wears convey his power. To be that person in the room that people look up to.

What is a Brioni suit?

A tailor-made service is provided by the Italian luxury house of Brioni, which is based in Rome. There is a person named Brioni. There is a type.

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What is the IQ of Mike Ross?

Mike has used his eidetic memory to get a lot of knowledge that has left him with a better knowledge of the law than Harvey did.

How much does Harvey pay Donna?

Donna has a salary of $75 an hour. The character of Harvey Specter makes a lot of money. Harvey Specter makes a lot of money. Harvey makes over $5 million a year.

Did Harvey sleep with Jessica?

They slept together once years prior, kissed in season 7 and made heart-eyes at each other, but they have never actually made their way into a relationship.

Why did Patrick leave suits?

The actor told The Hollywood Reporter that there were a number of reasons why he was leaving. After seven seasons of being away from home and away from his wife, there was a lot of pressure.

How many suits does a lawyer own?

Corporate executives have around five suits, while the average lawyer has two to three. Having more in the wardrobe will help with the concern of other people starting to notice when you wear a lot of suits.

Who makes the suits on suits?

The show is all about the suits, according to Michael. The styling and wardrobe for the legal drama’s current season is being done by Garrison Bespoke, his Toronto-based custom men’s boutique.

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