What Does Jean Know About Ruby?

Does Jean tell Martin about Ruby?

Jean tells Martin at the end of the week that she is telling him about Ruby’s betrayal.

Will Jean tell on Ruby in EastEnders?

Before leaving for a trip to see her son, Jean told Ruby that she would tell Martin if she wasn’t telling the truth. Last week, Ruby told Martin that Jean’s cancer had returned after her daughter revealed that she was returning.

What did Ruby do to Jean?

Jean was arrested after Ruby shopped her to the police in order to stop her from exposing her secret to Ruby’s husband Martin, who had framed her for attacking her.

Does Ruby tell Martin the truth?

Ruby was wracked with guilt after forgetting about Martin’s birthday. She told Martin she didn’t think she deserved to be a mother because of what she had done.

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What happened with Martin and Ruby?

Martin finds himself at breaking point after Ruby made a decision that left him devastated. When Martin heads to the club to drown his sorrows, he gets talking to a man who has a plan. Will Martin be on board with Zack’s idea or not?

What did Ruby do in EastEnders?

In the latest episode, Ruby was shocked to learn she was pregnant, but her husband confronted her about her treachery. Ruby thought that her decisions were in response to Jean trying to blackmail her, and that she was the one who stole from her.

What did Ruby do to Stacey?

After Ruby Allen accused her of pushing her down the stairs, she lost her baby and ended up in prison. Ruby did not fall but was convicted.

Is Jean leaving EastEnders 2021?

With any hope of a slap, there could be more drama in the near future as the official news comes in that Gillian Wright, who plays the character Jean Slater, plans to leave the show as early as this week. The last episodes will be aired in October.

Does Jean go to jail EastEnders?

She reported Jean to the police after discovering she was growing cannabis. Jean was arrested after a fire at Phil’s. Jean was taken to the hospital after collapsing.

Does Ruby Allen get found out?

Ruby Allen’s exit story is confirmed in the show. The truth has finally been learned by Martin.

Do Martin and Ruby split up?

In the next episode, Hudson convinces Martin to go for a drink after bumping into him. He wants Martin to live with him and Sharon Watts for the time being, while the latter knows a lawyer who can help him with his divorce.

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Is Martin married to Ruby?

Martin, played by James Bye, got married to Ruby, played by Louisa Lytton, after he thought his relationship with his ex- spouse would be over.

Are Sonia and Martin back together?

The relationship between Martin and Sonia was repaired after a while. It was once again that Pauline was very upset about it, and went as far as faking a brain tumours to stop them from being together. The pair returned to the Square together.

What happened Martin Fowler?

The writers left the door open for Martin to come back as he was sent off to travel with his wife. He had minor roles in other shows after he left, but most of his time was spent in the theatre.

Why does Ruby leave EastEnders?

Louisa Lytton is leaving the soap opera. The soap star is expecting a baby and will be taking maternity leave. Louisa and Ben are expecting a baby in March 2021.

Why did Ruby leave EastEnders?

Due to limited possibilities for the character following her on-screen father’s departure, she was axed from the show. She would always be grateful for the role, even though she was disappointed in her exit.

Was Ruby ever pregnant in EastEnders?

Ruby had to come clean about everything but she was able to get Martin back on her side and he urged her to tell the police everything. After Ruby lied about being pregnant before, Martin didn’t believe her when she told him she was pregnant again.

Did Ruby have a miscarriage?

Ruby Allen suffered a miscarriage in tonight’s episode of Eastenders. The millionaire businesswoman is infertile and will have trouble carrying a baby to term because of her health issues.

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Does GREY get found out in EastEnders?

On Thursday’s episode of EastEnders, Gray is finally found out about his violent crimes, as he is about to end his life. Several residents vow to take deadly revenge on him after it was confirmed he was behind the deaths of Chantelle and Tina Carter.

Is Danny Dyer leaving EastEnders 2022?

An exact date for Dyer’s departure has not been given, but EastEnders said the actor is not leaving imminently, with a lot of exciting drama for his character to come.

Is GREY dead in EastEnders?

In Walford, and in the real world as well, Gray is not going to be forgotten. Tonight’s ending allowed the story to have some much-needed closure, both on-screen and off, even though there will be repercussions. On Monday, March 14 at 7:30pm, the show will be on the air.

Who grew the drugs in EastEnders?

A big secret will be revealed by Jean in an upcoming episode. Jean has been worried about what to do with the marijuana that was left in the garage.

Is Jean Slater dying in EastEnders?

Jean was brought back down to earth when she had to return to the police station a short time later. Jean was told by the police officer that she was still going to prison even though she might not be dying from the drugs charge.

Does GREY get caught?

After a long time, justice has finally been served in EastEnders, as Gray Atkins was arrested for his crimes. The murderer was taken away in handcuffs after he confessed to a number of murders.

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