What Does Iron Voice Mean?

An iron voice is an annoying one.

What is iron slang for?

What is the meaning of the word iron? Hip-hop and rap use the term “Iron” to refer to firearms. An iron can be either a pistol or a gun.

What does it mean to be iron Jawed?

A boxer with a jaw like or of iron iron-jawed pincers is called an iron-jawed boxer. 2 was rigorously determined to be an iron jawed disposition.

What is iron in Cockney slang?

The etymology of the term “poof” is that it means homosexual or effeminate man.

What is iron example?

Iron is a silvery gray metal used in steel making. If you’re anemic, iron is what you need. An iron is a heated tool that is used to press animals. A curling iron is used for styling hair.

What is a iron jaw artist?

A performer is raised into the air by a cable, trapeze or similar apparatus and supported by a bit between her teeth.

What is the message of Iron Jawed Angels?

In Iron Jawed Angels, the central message is that if you keep trying, eventually you will be able to make something. The persistence of the women suffragists shows that they can still change things.

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What is a cast iron jaw?

It was an iron-jawed will that was fiercely determined. Do you know how to say the opposite of red?

Why are irons called SAD?

The Sad irons of the 19th century were so heavy that they had to press wrinkled clothes and sheets. Solid metal was used to make them. The handle would get hotter when the iron was hot.

How did iron get its name?

The Latin name for iron is ferrum and it is the atomic symbol Fe. Iren is the Anglo- Saxon word for iron. The sword used in the Crusades was made from iron, and the word iron may have been derived from earlier words that meantholy metal.

Why is 500 a monkey?

The 500 rupee note of that era had a picture of a monkey on it, and that’s how the term came to be. The saying “monkey for 500 rupee” was converted to “500 pound sterling” when they came back to England.

What is the example of iron?

Iron is a silvery gray metal. If you’re anemic, iron is what you need. An iron is a heated tool that is used to press animals. A heated curler is an example of an ironing board.

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