How To Travel With Wedding Dress?

Can I bring a wedding dress on a plane?

If you take yours as a carry-on, it won’t leave your sight while you travel. Duff-Cole warns that your gown should not be put in your luggage. You can take it on the plane with you in a garment bag.

Can you hang a dress on a plane?

Sometimes a flight attendant will allow you to hang your dress in the closet at the back of the plane. Don’t expect it, but definitely ask. The overhead bin will work if they can’t accommodate that.

Can you put a wedding dress in a suitcase?

If you’re going to put your wedding dress in a suitcase, make sure to turn it inside out. You might want to wrap a piece of plastic around the back of the garment.

How do you sit in a car with a wedding dress?

To slide onto the seat, bend from the waist and swing your legs inside. Put your dress on your lap with the train in the background. Your helpers should make sure that your dress and veil are in a safe place in the car. Take a break and enjoy the ride.

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How do you transport a dress on a plane?

Place the wrapped dress inside of a hanging travel garment bag when you hang it. It is possible to bring a dress with you as a carry-on item if you have a closet for hanging garment bags. If you have to check the bag, garment bags result in less wrinkling.

Can I put my wedding dress in a vacuum bag?

Don’t put your dress in a bag or container. While this may seem like a great way to preserve your gown, plastic containers or bags emit fumes that can yellow or discolor the fabric, so it’s not a good idea. There can be a build up of mold in a container if there is moist inside.

Can I carry-on my wedding dress on Delta?

Many brides take their wedding dress on the plane as carry-on luggage, but be aware that some airplanes don’t have enough room for large carry-on pieces.

Can I check a garment bag as luggage?

The bag that holds your garment may need to be checked. The garment bag needs to be sturdy and able to take a beating, just like a suitcase. There isn’t usually any chance of surprise with a carry on luggage piece.

What can you not wear on a plane?

Our bodies swell when we fly, so we don’t wear tight pants, skirts, or shirts while we travel. If you can, you should move around in your seat and the aisles whenever you can. It’s common on airplanes that restrictive clothing doesn’t pair well with bloated people.

Should you ship your wedding dress?

Buying a wedding dress shipping box is a good idea if you want to make sure that your wedding dress is packed correctly. If the box gets wet, it is advisable to put the dress in a plastic bag before folding it and putting it inside the box.

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