How To Stretch High Heels For Wide Feet?

Put the baggies in the toe box. The shoes need to be put in the freezer. The baggies will expand when the water is cold.

Should you size up in heels if you have wide feet?

The bigger the foot, the bigger the size should be. It’s safer to go up a little bit bigger than it is to go down a little bit tighter.

Can you stretch high heels?

It is possible to stretch your shoes with ice, heat, or a potato. Bring your high heels to a professional cobbler if you can’t do it yourself.

How can I make my wide feet thinner?

There isn’t much you can do to make your foot look smaller. It will only get worse if you wear tight shoes. If you have flat arches, it is possible to make your foot thinner by using special insoles. If you lose weight or reduce swelling, your feet may look smaller.

Why do my feet look wide in heels?

Our feet grow larger as our arch collapses. There are defects in the feet. There are a number of foot conditions that can affect the shape of your foot. Your foot may widen due to this.

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