How To Get Suitcase Ending?

How do I get the bunker ending?

Go back to Dave when you get supplies. When Dan sees the Zombie Horde, the player with the Bunker Key will say they have it and the hatch will open. Dave and Dan are not going to follow you down the hatch. Continue playing the way you know how to do it.

How do you get the backpack in Roblox?

The backpack icon is located in the upper- left corner of the screen and can be used to rearrange your inventory.

How do you get plant true ending?

You need to vote on City – Chapter 9 and Player + Bot if you want the true ending.

How do you get the secret ending on a plane?

There is a secret portal in the back right corner of the plane that can be accessed during the Snake Challenge. There is a black space in the back of the portal that has a Monster in it.

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How do I get the end of nerdy Nathan?

The janitor side quest can be used to get this ending. When Nerdy Nathan is over, one player will say they have an antidote and will save him. He’s going to say that his father turned him into a zombie.

What does the hyper kid do in break in Roblox?

This is a description of the situation. The Kid role in Break In, called the Hyper, can be unlocked with 5 badges. It is a kid role with a permanent damagedebuff.

How do you get donut Dave Boss in field trip Z?

Donut Dave will take the majority players to the military’s safezone if they vote to follow him. Upon entering the field, they will discover that the principal has been resurrected as a zombie and is going to fight his boss.

What does the red key do in Field Trip Z?

The Hatch is located in the left hand corner of Dumpster Diver Dan’s safe spot and can be unlocked with the Bunker Key. The Bunker Ending is also activated by this.

How do you get the sealed siblings ending?

The Knight is joined by Hornet inside the Black Egg in the Sealed Siblings ending, but it is not the same ending as The Hollow Knight. You need the Void Heart in order to get this ending. TheHollow Knight will be restrained by Hornet.

What is the code for the secret ending?

To open the door, players need to introduce the sequence: up, up, right, left, right, right, up, up, right, left, left, left.

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How do you get the Janitor boss at the end in field trip Z?

If you give him the burger he got from the Lunch Lady, he will be able to complete his quest by dropping the Yellow Key in the bathroom.

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