How Much Time Has Passed In The Walking Dead?

How many years have passed since The Walking Dead started?

The characters in the show have been fighting for their lives against zombies for at least 12 and 13 years. This figure isn’t much of a surprise since fans have composed accurate records for The Walking Dead timeline.

How many days have passed in The Walking Dead?

Rick probably wasn’t conscious in the zombie apocalypse for more than 600 days because of the passage of time between the shipping container and the finale.

What year is it in TWD?

The beginning and end of The Walking Dead can be found in the following years. The start of Fear the Walking Dead was in the summer of 2010. The beginning and end of The Walking Dead: World Beyond can be found in the summer of 2020 and autumn of 2020.

When did zombie virus start?

These plant seeds are considered to be the oldest revived plants. The pithoviruses sibericum, also known as zombie virus, was found in the old soil of Siberia.

When did The Walking Dead go downhill?

Things began to fall apart after The Walking Dead moved to 16-episode seasons and after the departure of writer Frank Darabont. It didn’t get bad until the sixth season, but there was still plenty to like.

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How long is Rick’s group in Alexandria?

The Alexandria Safe-Zone, or just Alexandria, is a few blocks of cleared streets in Alexandria, Virginia, about six miles from Washington, D.C., and was mentioned in The Walking Dead comic book series.

How long was Rick on the farm?

Rick told Morgan that they lost Jacqui at the CDC two days before the start of the second season. They were at Hershel’s farm for a little less than eight months.

How long was Negan a prisoner?

At the end of The Walking Dead’s 8th season, Negan was sentenced to prison. After Rick’s apparent death in The Walking Dead’s ninth season, the show had a six-year time jump.

When did Jesus first appear in TWD?

The sixth season of the show. In the episode “The Next World,” Jesus makes his debut when he bumped into Rick who was on a supply run.

What year is The Walking Dead set in season 1?

We’re pretty sure the story opens in 2010 when the series was first aired. It is hard to pin down the year after that.

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