How Many Syllables For Mirror?

Why does the mirror have 2 syllables?

Can pronounced as kin?

The word “can” is pronounced differently in English than in French. Cans are usually not said with a strong a sound. The word gets shortened because of the stress that comes after the word “can.”

Why do New Yorkers curse so much?

Linguists say that the city is boiling over with the stress of high-pressure jobs and too tight living. At the same time, its shrugging tolerance for all kinds of behavior and the anonymity of its residents provide an atmosphere where expletives are more likely to be said than not.

Why do Americans pronounce mirror weird?

Why do so many Americans call it “mirror”? I don’t think a lot of Americans say it that way. I think some people say it in that way. Natural language evolution causes English to have many dialects and accents.

What word has a silent D?

When the letter D comes after the letters N and G, it’s silent. The letter D isn’t pronounced in the same way as handkerchief, sandwich and handsome. The silent E is when the letter E comes at the end of a sentence.

Is R silent in birthday?

Birthday starts with the B sound where the lips are together and the vocal cords are making noise. The ‘ur’ opens into the ‘her’ vowels and the ‘R’ vowels.

How do Brits say happy birthday?

It’s similar to any other English speaking country in that it’s just a happy birthday or many happy returns.

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