Does Iron Widow Have Polyamory?

The novel is set in a China-based future where humans are defending their world against alien invaders, with a young woman as the main character who ends up in a pretty well-represented polyamorous relationship.

Is there a poly relationship in Iron Widow?

Iron Widow is a polyamorous reimagining of China’s only female emperor that is similar to Pacific Rim.

Is Iron Widow inappropriate?

Some of the most promising and exciting fiction out there is being written for young eyes, even if this book is meant for mature young eyes because of the themes of alcoholism, suicide ideation, and sexual assault.

Is Iron Widow a stand alone?

Each plot development startled and awed me, and while Iron Widow is designed as a stand alone movie, I can see the potential for her to continue her rise to power.

Will there be a second Iron Widow book?

Iron Widow will be published in hardback on October 7th, 2021.

Is Iron Widow a YA book?

The epic backdrop of medieval China is where East Asian mythology is set. The synopsis of Iron Widow, a historical-sci-fi queer YA debut novel that refuses to be pigeon-holed into categories, is not the summary of a dream, but rather the synopsis of a book.

What is the theme of Iron Widow?

Fantasy with strong feminist themes was the main theme in new publishing. The life of China’s only female emperor is reimagined in a fusion of history and sci-fi action in the movie Iron Widow.

Is Iron widow a movie?

The life of the first female emperor of China is being told in Iron Widow. Boys and girls co-pilot giganticrobots in a futuristic world where they are set in the future.

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